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Webb Barringer
Webb Barringer

May 25, 2018

In the Summer of 2017, Matt Johnson (drums), Jay Torrance (bass) and Cole Jackson (guitar, vocals) joined Chattanooga songwriter, Webb Barringer on songs he had written over the past 3 years since returning to his hometown. Barringer released his first EP "Show That Tombstone Smile" in June 2017 as a solo artist and performer. Having opened for touring artists such as Angie Aparo, Will Hoge, and Scott Miller; as well as an extensive list of local acts, Barringer felt the urge to form a group in order to deeper explore his creativity and add depth to his songs.

His songs have been described as a mixture of "murder folk" and "songs you can play to your girlfriend". However, Barringer has continued to describe himself as influenced by those influenced by John Prine.

"Chattanooga singer-songwriter Webb Barringer evokes a timeless folk lineage that lays claim to the bones of his work...An able troubadour, he deftly mixes fiction with nonfiction to build a believable environment of desperate individuals and unfortunate circumstances." 


Hosted by the Moccasin Bend Brewing Company

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