Connor Judson Garrett Wang Ping (she/her/hers) is a poet, writer, photographer, installation artist, founder and director of Kinship of Rivers project ( Her multi-media exhibitions include “Kinship of Rivers: We Are Water,” “Behind the Gate: After the Flood of the Three Gorges,” and hundreds of other installation exhibitions at schools, colleges, galleries, museums, lock and dams, confluences around the world, including the interactive installations at the Everest (Tibet and Nepal sides) and Kilimanjaro.

She authored 15 award winning books of poetry, prose and translations, including Minnesota Book Award, Eugene Kagen and Asian American Studies awards.

She’s Professor Emerita of English at Macalester College.

She is recipient of NEA, Bush Artist Fellowship for poetry, McKnight Fellowship and Lannan Foundation Residency, Vermont Studio Art and many others. She received Distinct Immigrant Award in 2014, Venezuela International Poet of Honor in 2015, and Minnesota Poet Laureate 2021-2023, appointed by International Beat Poetry Foundation.