Thoughts About Rejection


This month, I sent out poetry and prose to at least a half-dozen places – yet I feel that it was more, because I went on Twitter and hunted down several literary magazines, not only to read but to submit to. School starts back for me on August 15th, so I’ll be doing that full time, along with going to work. In other words, I won’t have the time I need to hunt down places to submit to unless I really feel drawn during 15 minutes of freedom here and there. Yet, I do love to write, and nothing yet has taken that from me, not even my deficit of rejections. I would guess that my ratio of being accepted as being rejected is something like 10 to 1. For every piece the people love, there are nine that aren’t loved.

Still, that doesn’t bother me; what I sense will bother me, however, is taking a test and suddenly being inspired to write – and losing all sorts of ideas because I have to tell my Muse to shut up. Ha! Still, I won’t give up. At one time, I was jealous of others in The Collective who posted about acceptance after acceptance, while my ratio ran through my nerves with an electric vibe, a jealous vibe, I couldn’t control. I have since realized my need to exist on my own terms; to make this path about me, my writing, instead of someone else’s writing – or path; and merely let my Muse work through me when the time comes.

I heard a discussion once between two smart, gifted gentlemen, regarding the word “rejection.” The word is harsh, that’s true; yet another truth is that someone not loving my work shouldn’t make me harsh towards myself, towards how I’m experiencing the world. The eyes I see with are mine; the words, the Muse, the calling – all mine. A publisher will love what they can connect with, but what they see, believe – it shouldn’t break me, nor burden me. It should, instead, while I’m reading who they accept, make me realize there are many ways to see the world. Our world is so very beautiful. It would suck if we all saw it the same way. So, I’m going to keep writing, keep living, and keep submitting – time permitting, of course!

Onwards, Muse!

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