Terence Hawkins

Terence Hawkins was born in a coal-mining town in western Pennsylvania noted as a setting for both Night of the Living Dead and American Rust. Through an horrendous and never-to-be-repeated series of administrative errors, he was permitted not only to attend, but graduate from, Yale University. After having been seen locked in mortal struggle with his sworn foe, Professor Moriarity, on the Reichenbach Fell, his trail went cold for many years. He suddenly reappeared in New Haven as the Director of the Yale Writers’ Conference, which caromed from success to success under his wise tutelage until 2015. He is the author of The Rage of Achilles, a novelization of the Iliad in modern prose based on Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind, and American Neolithic, a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2014. He has also published many short stories, essays, and opinion pieces. He is now the Director of the Company of Writers, supporting authors and poets at every stage in their careers. He lives in Connecticut with his muse and keeper, the pithy and enigmatic Mrs. H.