Jay-de Robinson Jay-de Robinson, better known as Mr. Classic. Jamaica native, New York raised, now a resident of Atlanta Ga. In the field of fashion, he has styled and consulted some of the industry’s top A list celebrities. From Tyrese Gibson, Waka Flaka to Mya and Jack Harlow. From Athletes such as, Frank D. Murphy, Johnathan Butler and NBA legend, Julius Erving. He has also worked with individuals in the political arena. From goveners to The CEO of the Human and Civil Rights of Atlanta. He has designed and fitted them all. Mr. Classic has before worked along side many design houses in Atlanta for the past 5 years. In the field of wardrobe and image consulting, to designing, Illistrating and styling. Now, Mr. Classic is the CEO and designer of Mr. Classic’s Haberdashery in Atlanta. His focus, mainly being to helping individuals develop their personal style. Through the education of fashion and in custom garment designs, he has become the go to designer for the elegant and high class.

Mr. Classic is also the founder and chairman of The Princemen Organization, a program geared towards helping young boys develop their image and voice in the business world. Giving them the opportunity to showcase their innate skills and build a strong foundation. Empowering the youth to dress and act as the individual they want to become, has been his goal and mission with this program. Along side many other mentors and highly influential people, Mr Classic looks to accomplish his dream of ” Building an Empire and leaving a legacy”

” Before they hear you, they must first see you, make sure what they are looking at is going to be worth listening to.”