Submission Guidelines

Submissions for poetry: Any style is accepted. Any length is accepted. Please limit your submissions of poetry to 3 per issue.
Submissions for fiction: Please limit your prose to no more than 2,500 words. Send only one prose piece per issue.
All visual arts: We leave this category up to the artist to interpret and submit in standard, easily opened, attachments.
Please note: In addition to your submission, please send a 100-word bio.
Additional Guidelines:

♦ All text, i.e. interviews, poems, prose, bios, etc. to be 12 pt Georgia font;
♦ All titles must be in bold (standard capitalization);
♦ All poems in one document, one poem per page;
♦ Third-person bios must be at the very bottom of the work;
♦ For photographs and drawings – if they have a title, title the file as the title of the image;
♦ Please no addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.