Jennifer Avery

  • Substitute Blues (1/17/2016) - This will likely be a running theme in my blog here, but as a first post, I’d like to make clear how very much the Arts are needed in our schools.  I have the highest regard for STEM subjects and have a particular fascination with the sciences, but these subjects aren’t the only important ones.  […]
  • Use the English Language Like the Bastard It Is (8/19/2016) - Like every writer, I rely on honest feedback.  Also like every writer, my initial reaction to honest feedback is anger. It’s true that I can be redundant, and I like to focus too much on certain aspects of my characters’ appearances or personalities.  Much of that is generally part of a running theme, but it’s […]
  • Your Little Room (8/29/2016) -   It’s perhaps Virginia Woolf’s most famous quote.  As with all famous quotes, it’s famous because it’s true.  She refers specifically to women, but I think it applies to everyone; especially artists. Until this past February, I lived by myself in a two-bedroom apartment.  I loved it despite the fact that I struggled with rent […]