Celeste Duckworth is a writer, poet, broadcaster, president at Vertikal Alliance International, and publisher of Vertikal Life Magazine, an online lifestyle magazine designed to uplift, empower and encourage social change through inspired thinking. She grew up in a talented and creative family and developed a deep passion for the written word in all its various forms. Influenced early on by the works of Shelley, Hemingway, Jules Verne, Harold Robbins and Hans Christian Andersen, she was encouraged to become a writer by her family, who nurtured her creativity from an early age – encouragement she now brings forward to help others to find their own creative voice.

Born and raised in California, she moved to Arizona to study, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University with a dual major in Psychology and Biology. Currently located in Tempe, she launched VertiKal Life Magazine in 2014 with a mission to communicate the works of innovative, non-mainstream writers who share her desire to change the world, one story at a time.

In 2013, she published a book of poetry entitled It’s You! Poetry Inspired by Love, which is available through Amazon Kindle; however, Celeste’s most recognizable poem may be a verse that was commissioned by the City of Phoenix, and now adorns the wall of the newly renovated Pool House at the Maryvale Community Center. Another poetic work, titled Mother of Origins, is part of a permanent exhibit at the Shermer Art Center and Museum in Phoenix. She writes, directs and produces an internet radio show called VertiKal LIVE Radio, which can be heard on BlogTalkRadio.com, and cites some of her proudest moments as the ones that happen when people connect with the magazine or the radio broadcast on a personal level, for it is in those instants that she knows she is on the right path.

Influenced most of all by her family, who are all creative minds and forward thinkers, she loves to cook, sing and travel, and once lived in Ireland for several years. She is passionate about volunteering, and devotes her time to many causes that include civil rights, human rights, children’s causes, health, science, education and women’s empowerment initiatives, but most of all, Celeste loves to inspire and encourage others, seeing what she does not so much as work as it is empowering dreams.